Tribes: Ascend Gold Giveaway!

Looking to get your hands on some extra gold?

Seek no further! Starting on March 7th, 2013 (that’s today!) at 12PM and running until March 15th, at 12pm we’ll be giving away 3 digital codes to get your hands on 250 gold pieces!

If you haven’t had the chance to play Tribes: Ascend, you seriously need to. It’s free to play and download! Just visit here and hit the download button!

Tribes: Ascend has been named the “World’s Fastest Shooter” and if you’ve seen any of the videos for it, you’ll know it’s an insanely fast paced game.

Just recently, the Game of the  Year Edition launch on February 15th that came with all classes, weapons and perks unlocked in a single package along with a free new map pack. That’s over 100 weapons, 9 classes and 21 perks all at once! And don’t forget that it includes the weapons and perks from all the previous ten DLC expansions as well as the new Shocklance weapons.

Existing Tribes VIPs can purchase the GotY Edition for only $19.99 at

If you still aren’t convinced to play, check out the Game of The Year Edition – Katabatic Trailer above. You’ll be convinced then. I can assure you.

Be sure to enter to get your chance to win this weeks contest!

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