New Trailer for I Am Alive Shares the "Rules" of Survival

Like it or not the world has changed. If you want to stay alive, you’re gonna have to adapt.

After a worldwide catastrophic event annihilates most of humanity, how do you stay alive? The newest trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming downloadable game I Am Alive answers that question as it breaks down the rules required for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

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I Am Alive is slated for release in early 2012 on XBLA and PSN.

There is also a ton of information provided via Q&A over on the official I Am Alive facebook page. Content covers story details, inspiration for the game, and much more. Check out some of the info below:

There are a few hints of what happened to the world, but they are all given from the protagonist’s point of view. They will tell you what they saw from their own perspective. The mystery is an important part of the experience, and trying to figure out by yourself the nature of the Event and the subsequent incidents based on what you see and what others tell you.

I Am Alive is an offline single player experience. It’s just you and the game!

There are 2 difficulty modes, normal and survivor. They influence the number of resources and “retries” present in the game, along with a few parameters of the aggressive characters.


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