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video game sequels

This year’s E3 revealed many long awaited games, including a few sequels such as Dishonored 2 and South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole. So with the hype of long awaited sequels (I’m looking at you Dishonored 2), here are my top five desired video game sequels.

The Last of Us

video game sequels

With the incredible success of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, it would be silly of them (and heartbreaking for the fans) if they decided against a continuation of the series. A sequel where we see how Joel and Ellie continued their lives, or maybe a new story with completely different characters trying to survive the apocalypse; a new entry would work either way and would most likely be a huge commercial success like its predecessor. There have been many rumors and numerous slip-ups from those in close connection to Naughty Dog that there may or may not be a sequel in the making. So, until a representative from Naughty Dog themselves comes out and confirms that a Last of Us 2 is in the making, I will pine away for the sequel that will bring me back to the fungi infected world of The Last of Us.

The Order: 1886

video game sequels

The Order: 1886 was released to mix reviews. Many loved the amazing graphics and well-crafted story. There were some faults such as a semi open world environment that gave us no reason to explore it at all. I would love to see a sequel where we get to see Sir Galahad as the new Batman of his time, fighting off the rebels with no higher authority keeping him down. Video game sequels can be used to fix past mistakes, and one for The Order would give the developers a chance to fix theirs (i.e. allow us to explore more and find objects in the world that give us more details to the story). So let’s raise our goblets and cheer to a new and improved The Order.

Final Fantasy VII

video game sequels

Speaking of long awaited gaming news, also announced at E3 this year was the official remake of Final Fantasy VII, like, a real remake, not a re-release. *Squeak*. Enough fan-girling aside, imagine what it would be like if, at E3 2017, Square Enix announced an official release date for the remake of Final Fantasy VII AND a direct sequel to one of the most famous games in the Final Fantasy series. Imagine accompanying Cloud on another adventure and feeling that awe that you felt when you played the original for the first time. Nostalgia will come back to us when we play the remake but sadly it will not be the same as when you first played it. Hopefully with a direct sequel of Final Fantasy VII, our generation and the next can feel that amazing sense of discovery once more.

Child of Light

video game sequels

Let’s break away from the triple-A games that you would expect to see on this list and talk about Child of Light. Ubisoft’s independent project, Child of Light, is a visually stunning and addictively fun game with RPG elements. The battle system is unique and fun and new game plus makes the replay value of this game extremely high. The story and the characters make this a game that you fall in love with from the start; not to mention the clever rhyming throughout. I would love to see one of the barrage of video game sequels go to Child of Light starring Aurora and her adorable firefly companion. A new adventure where all of her skills carry over? That would be awesome and it’s definitely something Ubisoft has to be considering…. Right?


video game sequels

Another amazing indie game, Limbo has a darker story and art style than the aforementioned game full of light. In Limbo, you are a boy who is looking for his sister in a terrifying world filled with giant creatures and humans who want you dead. The ending of the game is quite a cliff hanger. A sequel showing what truly happens at the end of the game or possibly just a continuation of this dark adventure would be thrilling. Either way, it would be fantastic to re-visit the dark world of Limbo and fight giant spiders once again. Just kidding, Limbo 2 should have less spiders… pretty please.

There you have it, my top five video game sequels that need to happen. There are many games that I would love to see have a sequel. What video games do you want to see have a sequel? Let me know in the comments below!

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