Top 5: Pieces Of Music In Games

Top 5 Pieces of Music in Games.

Gaming and Music have gone hand in hand ever since we heard that opening bar of Tetris from our gameboy. So, sit back and let me guide you through what I consider to be the top 5 pieces of music to have been made for a game.

The Main Theme from The Legend Of Zelda.

He may wonder around in a funky green costume, and have possibly one of the most annoying sidekicks in the world. But his theme music is one of the most easily recognizable in the gaming world. From that first swelling bar, to the fast paced middle section that leads to the final beats of the song. It’s a song that doesn’t seem right for a video game, it’s more suited to an epic movie. It’s effective weather it is being played by an orchestra, or on a keyboard.

Road to Viridian City(From Pallet Town/Pewter City) from the Pokemon series.

It’s a well known fact that I love Pokemon. It’s my favourite game in the world. But this isn’t on this list because of that. It’s on here because this is a really good piece of music. It suits the world perfectly, and it gives the first journey/mission you are given a sense of huge epicness that sets the tone for the rest of the game. It’s a happy go lucky piece of music, with string quartets that drop into a more upbeat version of it.

His World from Sonic The Hedgehog.

Whilst the quality of Sonic games has been declining at a startling rate. Some of the music in the series has been good, but this piece is rather much better. In fact, if you know the Pop-Punk band Zebrahead you might well know that this is by them. It adds to the atmosphere of Sonic, and a punky kinda song fits with where Team Sonic have been trying to take sonic before Sega pulls them back.

Everybody Loves Donuts from ‘Splosion Man

‘Splosion Man is a XBLA game. You might think that a game on the XBLA might not have such a good soundtrack, but in fact there is one song in particular in the game that is worthy of being included in the list. It’s a cheerful song. It’s about our favourite doughy treat, all covered in icing. You hear it when you pick up an indestructible fat guy and use him to stop yourself from being shot.

And the top song is… Well let me explain and see if you can guess it first.

After you have been playing this game for 2 hours, and after the epic boss battle. You are treated to one of the best songs to be heard in gaming. It covers the spectrum of events that happen in the game.

It could only be one thing.


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