Top 5 Mobile Games of 2012

2012 was a great year for mobile games, and here at The Game Fanatics, we’re counting down our Top 5 as 2013 is slowly rolling in!  For all my app-happy gamers out there, I strongly suggest you check these out; they will provide you with hours of entertainment and are suitable for all ages.  Happy Holidays!

1. Ski Safari – See how long you can survive the avalanche in this endless, downhill race to the bottom of the mountain!  As you guide Sven down the alps at top speed through cabins and other obstacles, you’ll encounter some hairy (and some scary) creatures to help you during your escape.  Complete objectives to earn points and level up Sven, and now, just in time for the Holidays, you can download Ski Safari and play the Winter Update! (


2. Jetpack JoyrideIn attempt to hijack experimental jet-packs from evil scientists, control Barry as you zip, zoom, and fly through endless lairs of obstacles.  Collect coins to use as in-game cash to purchase new items for Barry, and complete missions to level up!  There’s so much to do, collect, and see in Jetpack Joyride, you will never want to put it down. (


3. Random Heroes – Prepare to save the world with the most random group of rag-tag heroes you could ever imagine.  From Abe Lincoln to a high-school cheerleader, choose your hero, your weapon of mass destruction, and protect the city from the monsters that are taking over!  Collect coins to purchase new characters and new weapons to strengthen your firepower and heighten your chances for survival!  (


4. League of EvilMade by the same developers as Random Heroes, League of Evil brings you a modern action platformer in an old-school 8-bit fashion.  Sent out on a mission to destroy the league of evil scientists, you (the super secret, super strong agent), will have to fight your way through armies of league protectors and dodge obstacles like spikes, turrets, and other harmful objects to eliminate the scientists one by one. (


5. LetterpressIf you’re a fan of word games and you like competing online against other people, Letterpress is the perfect game for you.  Unlike Scrabble and Words With Friends, Letterpress doesn’t use tiles, and is more strategy-based.  It’s simple: create words (the longer the better) until the board is completely full and the player with the most points wins; but be sure to secure letters by using them more than once so your opponent can’t steal them from you!  With a responsive and easy-to-use interface, Letterpress is an addictive, competitive word game, perfect for the anti-angry-bird. (

*All of these mobile games can be found in the iTunes App Store, ranging from $0.00 to $1.99.   Be sure to check out Google Play and the Android Market for these titles as well.

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