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For Honor

While For Honor successfully gave players the ability to clash swords, axes & spears with the world’s greatest warriors, we at The Game Fanatics got to wondering what other factions we’d like to see enter the gauntlet. While many warriors and factions presented strong fighting skills and honorable backgrounds, here are the Top 5 For Honor Factions we’d like to see in future installments.

Top 5 For Honor Factions We Want To See

The RomansFor Honor Romans

The “men only” Legion that is the Roman Army holds great strength and audacity with its shining armor and a brutal arsenal of weaponry. Fit for battle at any given moment, these warriors would be forced to march for 20 miles a day and go through survivalist training. Soldiers boasting their iconic shield and sword combo moved in lines pushing their foes back and using defensive tactics with their shield to deflect arrows. Not only would the sheer ferocity of these warriors be perfect in the world of For Honor but abilities such as using slingshots and shield ramming with your sword pointed towards foes would blend perfectly into the skirmish and elimination modes. Games like Ryse: Son of Rome have taken a small step towards giving Roman soldiers a place in video games but implementing them into For Honor would finalize that in-depth level of fighting not seen in standard fighting games.


The GreeksFor Honor Greeks

PlayStation owners for years have seen the ferocity of the Greeks from Kratos in God of War so why not take these warriors and throw them into the arena in For Honor? Consisting of Hoplites holding 7-foot spears with shields and Spartan’s blades swinging at devastating speeds, the Greeks have the range and close quarters finesse which is essential to the combat in For Honor. While you may not be able to swing Kratos’ Chains of Olympus miles in front of you, there’s still plenty of oomph in the Grecian army. Who knows, pre-orders could contain a trojan horse ability and I’d say that’s worth a shot.


Apache Indians

For Honor ApacheOne faction that could really shape the campaign would be the inclusion of the Apache Indians. These fierce warriors having weapons such as axes and bows could be a key focal point in the campaign, where their territory being taken over by invaders and fighting to sustain their land. The Apache were seen as the fiercest warriors in the southwest and their hunting skills could easily be fermented into the soil of For Honor’s war-torn land.


Mongolian Warriors

For Honor Mongolian WarriorThe leader Ghengis Khan is known as one of the fiercest war generals in history, and it was no doubt that his soldiers would be the bane of our existence if we were forced to go against them in For Honor. Their tactical advantage and fierce weaponry make them perfect for the world using fire weapons and swords to lay waste to their victims. Abilities could consist of using catapults and bows, keeping us on our toes in the heat of 1 on 1 combat and reminding us to check the skies before we’re bombarded with flaming destruction. It is this combination of aerial assault and devastating close quarters combat that keeps us terrified yet so excited to possibly get our hands on such an influential military faction.


Shinobi (Ninjas)

For Honor NinjaThe mercenary of feudal Japan, the Shinobi are lethal assassins mastered in the arts of the shadows known for using light blades and throwable shurikens. While they would be light on the health pool, their dodging and deflecting capabilities would be perfect for going against foes in 1 on 1 combat. When out of combat, ninjas could use disguises mapped to an ability to look like one of their foes so they can get the first stab in the back. There’s a lot of versatility with how a ninja can strike in For Honor and that makes them a dangerous opponent to the heavily confrontational roster of warriors.

Who would you want to fight as in For Honor? Let us know in the comments below!

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