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With the latest DLC release, Ashes of Ariandel, for Dark souls 3, comes many new weapons for you to collect and unleash upon the world. There are a total of 16 new weapons within the DLC and I have picked out my top 5 Favorite.

Number 5: Earth Seeker

Starting with number 5 in the countdown is the awesome greataxe the Earth Seeker. Starting with a base attack of 154 with C strength and D faith scaling, with an awesome weapon skill Earthen Wrath. Which trusts the weapon into the earth with a prayer to trigger the explosive tremors. Making this weapon requiring a 24 strength and 15 faith to weld.

Number 4: Friede’s Great Scythe

Next on the count down in 4th place is Friede’s Great Scythe. The sythe can be obtain by trading in the soul of Sister Friede for the weapon. I’m sure you were thinking this weapon would be in the number 1 spot, but there are many disadvantages to this weapon. Such as having to hold down the L2 button to activate the weapon art. Not only that it brings the animation to a slow walk. The stamina drain of the attacks after exiting can leave you open to numerous counter attacks.The plus side to this weapon is the AR split of 643 with 40/40 Dex and Intelligence.

Number 3: Follower Torch

The follower torch takes the number 3 spot on the countdown. I know, I know; the follower torch what the fudge is it doing on the count down. But really you need to give this weapon a chance as it is pretty awesome. Upgrading with Titanite, it has a base attack of 310 with C strength and D scaling in all other stats. Making it pretty deadly as a torch. The awesome weapon art Breathe Fire gives you a handy extra Pyro spell and fun to use against the Pus of Man enemies. Which is why it takes number 3 in the count down.


Number 2: Crow Quills

In the 2nd spot are the Crow Quills with their awesome AR of 390 with 18 strength and 40 dex when using the sharp infusion. With the weapon being in the piercing sword category it is a fast DPS hitting weapon and can double hand within the one hand, as well as the quills in the other hand turning into a claw type weapon. activating the weapon art means jumping everywhere and hopefully out of attack range while dealing minimal damage, if the attacks connect. This weapon also has an amazing 130 in counter damage and combining that with the hornet ring to increase it by 30% makes it very deadly


Number 1: Onyx Blade

1st place in the count down is the greatsword Onyx Blade because its just fabulous. Upgrading with twinkling titanite and having a base of 340 with D scaling in both strength and dex and C scaling in intelligence and faith. Wearing the dark clutch ring increases the base damage. while wearing both dark and fire clutch rings, while activating the weapon art elfriede’s blackflame increases the base damage even more. The weapon art animation also doubles as an attack with a quick follow up once buffed. The weapon has the typical moveset of a greatsword and cant be buffed or infused which is a major downside. Overall the design looks amazing, fairly good damage for a great sword and swings fast. Gotta love those Greatswords.

Watch: Top 5 Favorite Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Weapons | Fanatical Five

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