TOMB RAIDER: The Beginning Brings Lara Croft to Comics

Square Enix and Dark Horse have partnered up to produce a comic book prequel to the highly anticipated release TOMB RAIDER game, as announced yesterday by the publisher.

Titled “TOMB RAIDER: The Beginning”, the series’ debut is the collaboration of Square Enix studio Crystal Dynamics and the US’s largest independent domestic comic publisher. The first issue will follow the release of the origin game on March 5, 2013.

Penned by lead game writer, Rhianna Pratchett, the book will let fans into the events leading up to the TOMB RAIDER storyline, which involves a mission deployed by The Endurance crew to uncover the secrets and mysteries of a forgotten Japanese realm called Yamatai. Celebrity archaeologist Dr. James Whitman recruits Captain Conrad Roth to traverse the lost kingdom for the latest episode of his popular archaeology show, but the crew members soon encounter more than they’re prepared for even before the expedition gets “into” the ground.

For Pratchett, the writing process involved coming up with many ideas in regards to the characters’ environment and how to account their adventure. “It was great to be able to flesh out the world of TOMB RAIDER and work with the talented team at Dark Horse to bring Lara Croft back to comics”, she quoted.

The hardcover series’ first installment will feature 48 color pages, and according to TOMB RAIDER and Crystal Dynamics’ global brand director, Karl Stewart, the studio is staying true to the Lara Croft reboot in terms of style and image. “The team at Crystal Dynamics has worked closely with Dark Horse on ‘The Beginning’ to bring the relatable, re-imagined Lara Croft back to the comic book world,” says Stewart.

Dark Horse editor Dave Marshall also touches on how the latest iteration of Lara Croft affected the appearance of the comic.

[quote]The bold new vision of the game demanded we bring an equally fresh approach to the comics […] We’re excited for TOMB RAIDER fans to experience a new side of Lara Croft as they accompany her on the earliest parts of her first adventure.[/quote]

“TOMB RAIDER: The Beginning” can be obtained early by eager fans as a bonus when they pre-order the game from Best Buy.   Until then, check out the four pages that Crystal Dynamics and Dark Horse have revealed (not in chronological order) in celebration of the partnership.

Source: Square Enix, Inc.


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