Tokyo 42 Announcement Trailer Reveals Beautiful and Deadly Playground

Tokyo 42

An announcement trailer was just released featuring pre-Alpha footage of Tokyo 42, an upcoming indie, open-world assassination game.

It’s always exciting to see a new game announced that looks like a fresh take on well-trodden ground. This title, which is being developed by Smac Games and published by Mode 7 (makers of Frozen Synapse), is described on the Tokyo 42 website as “the lovechild of Syndicate and GTA 1.” It’s a curious description, and the number of influences within the trailer go far beyond. Tokyo 42 is played from an isometric perspective, but one in which the player can rotate around in order to do platforming or get a better angle on a target.

It looks almost like FEZ, but set in the ultra-clean metropolis of Mirror’s Edge, and with crowd mechanics from Assassin’s Creed thrown in for effect. It feels very familiar while presenting something distinct and fresh, which is indeed exciting.

The story of Tokyo 42 is…well, read for yourself:

Set in a future Tokyo, the game will see you become an assassin and uncover a dark consipiracy that will effect everyone.

Okay, so it doesn’t get points for being particularly original, but there are two caveats here. First, it’s important to remember that this is all Pre-Alpha footage and that at such an early stage, everything is really up in the air. Second, if the game turns out to be as much fun as it appears to be, a thin story may not be of much concern. In a sense, the most vital goal for the developer at this stage is to pique the public’s curiosity and evoke a sense of wonder. Based on their trailer, Mode 7 has certainly done that.

Tokyo 42

Along with a single-player campaign, there also are plans for Tokyo 42 to have a multiplayer component. What’s shown in the trailer consists of opposing assassins opening up on each other while crowds of people scatter to escape the crossfire. Whether this game’s systems will be able to support a more nuanced approach to this mode will be a big question as it approaches completion.

Being that this project is very much in the early stages of development, no information is presently available about release date, platforms, or pricing. No doubt that will all be revealed as Tokyo 42 continues to develop in the coming months.

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