Titanfall Confirmed at 792p on Xbox One

Titanfall, one of the Xbox One‘s biggest exclusives – at least as far as the current generation of consoles goes – will not run at full HD, at least not at launch. Reports from IGN and Eurogamer cite Respawn Entertainment engineer Richard Baker, who confirms that Titanfall will run at 792p on the Xbox One, the same resolution that it ran at during the game’s beta. That’s not to say it won’t improve; Baker says the team at Respawn is looking at ways to improve the resolution to at least 900p, with 1080p being of course the best-case scenario.

This is the latest in a list of games that, for one reason or another, are not running at 1080p on the Xbox One, drawing criticism from fans of other consoles. While the resolution difference between the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall probably won’t be that noticeable, will it be enough to influence your purchase?

Source: IGN

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