Titanfall 2 is Free to Play This Weekend!


Attention Pilots! Respawn Entertainment has released their free update for Titanfall 2. How else do you celebrate new goodies being added to your chaotic giant robot FPS? Simple: have a free to play online weekend.

In an official announcement on Respawn’s website, to celebrate their Angel City’s Most Wanted update, the game will be free to play for EA Access and Origin Access members as of November 30th. Xbox One owners with EA Access and PC players who bother with Origin (you know who you are) that want a taste of giant robot action, feel free to close this page right now and go nuts. As for everyone else, this trial will go live for everyone else across all available platforms on December 2 and will last until December 4.

In addition to the chance to play one of the most critically acclaimed shooters of 2016 for yourself, you will also have full access to the new content. This content includes brand new customized abilities for your Titans, the return of the fan-favorite map from the first game: Angel City a brand new pistol, and a brand new pre-animated execution move.

The most controversial addition comes in the form of the In-Game store. Respawn was adamant in their blog post that the store would not be selling premium currency or inherently perishable content in this storefront. To directly quote their official post on the subject:

“In addition to the free stuff, we will be opening a store in game with the launch of DLC #1 that will allow you to purchase new skins, camo and Prime Titans if you want for a modest price. We will have no in-game currency exchange. No locked loot boxes, crafting shards or pay-to-win weaponry. No RNG. If you see something you like, you buy it and that’s it. These in no way effect stats and are purely cosmetic. We will have two Prime Titans available at launch. They have new chassis and assassinations but function the exact same way as their original counterparts.”

And to Respawn’s credit that appears to be the case. The most expensive items are just different model Titans running at about five dollars each with only cosmetic, non-intrusive benefits.

Classic maps, new content, fantastic mech combat, and online is free for a weekend? If you are even remotely curious about Titanfall 2, find the time and give it a look for yourself.

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