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Final Fantasy XV, has been out for a little while now, and many people are already putting in 20-30+ hours into this grand adventure. Though even for the Final Fantasy veterans out there, FFXV seems like a far cry from whence the series came. The game could polarize fans who were expecting/hoping for a more traditional Final Fantasy title, while newcomers might not realize just how different this game is from its predecessors. I’m still very much in the beginning of my adventure but with this compiled list of tips, maybe some rough patches can be smoothed over for future players.

Knowledge Is Power


Don’t just skip the tutorial, even if the excitement to dive headfirst is palpable. This isn’t your father’s Final Fantasy; FFXV is an action RPG through and through. Meaning there’s more inputs then simple attack and defend options. During the tutorial, players learn how to control Noctis and his friends through a series of training missions. Each mission focuses on a particular category such as defending, warp-strikes, ally combos and more. All this knowledge comes in handy I swear.

Let It Go and Move On


And just what do I mean by that? FFXV as a lock-on system where it’s good for targeting single foe and warping to them but not so good when dealing with multiple foes. It took me quite some time to realize how locking on constantly was actually hurting my performance in battle. Instead of relying heavily on this feature, I fought battles where I rarely locked on and as it turns out, my performance ratings improved significantly. Balancing when to lock-on helps battles progress much more smoothly.

Gaz Guzzler



Seriously though, the Regalia is a gas guzzler and needs to be refilled on a regular basis. Sure riding around on a Chocobo is the better way to explore off-terrain areas but cruising around with Noctis’s companions is oddly relaxing. The icing on the cake is having access to a radio that plays classic Final Fantasy tunes as well as recent tracks too. Everything about driving in this game is relaxing. Maybe that’s because it’s less GTA and more like those racetrack toys where the cars can only go along the tracks. The only time driving sucks is during the night, when I accidentally stumbled upon those dangerous daemons.

Read Your Enemy


FFXV is an action RPG, not a straight up hack and slash. With that out the way, mindless button mashing is not the appropriate course of action. Knowing how long to extend a combo or when to warp-strike greatly increases how well one performs in combat. A button masher probably won’t score as well as someone who pays attention and acts accordingly. Not to mention, it’s pretty lame to watch Noctis get knocked on his ass every few seconds because I forgot to pay attention to enemy movements.

Watch Out Indy!


See all of that? Those mountains in the distant? The grassy plains? Even that outpost off to the right? Exploring the world of Eos lends a tremendous hand in leveling up Noctis and gang. Never fun to run into a tough spot in a game simply because characters are too underdeveloped. Equipment and customization items can also be found hiding throughout the world, which helps to strengthen characters, change how the Regalia rides and even power up weapons. Plus, riding a Chocobo is so freaking enjoyable. Chocobo drift for the win!

There you have it people. These aren’t all the tips one could make for Final Fantasy XV. That’s just how big of a game this is. However, I felt these tips would be good for players who find themselves overwhelmed with all that is offered in this game. Take your time, enjoy the broness of your party and revel in the fact that Final Fantasy XV is finally a thing!

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