Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Five – Who Would You Be?

First character that came to mind was the female lead in Dragon Age: Origins. After some thought however, Gray Wardens only live for another thirty years after drinking the blood of dark spawn, so that’s a bit of a turn off.

I haven’t played that much of Dragon Age 2 to say Lady Hawke but from what I’ve played so far, I wouldn’t mind. She is a strong character who is looking out for her family and friends.

I wouldn’t mind being female Shepard since she simply kicks ass and came back from the dead to kick more ass. It’s during a time where space travel is the norm and technology is on the rise.

Thought about Lara Croft, a hot archeologist in search of adventure and treasure sounds nice, plus she’s set for life. However I’m not a fan of dealing with puzzles and I hate inclosed spaces. I also wouldn’t mind being Nathan Drake either, if I was male, but the same reasons apply. Plus he’s always getting shot at. Of course all of these characters are getting shot at a lot.

Being Revan from Knights of the Old Republic would be freaking sweet. Depending on how events turn out, I could either be a Jedi or a Sith but either way, I would have cool powers and a smart ass droid.

However out of all the characters mentioned above, I think I would rather be my level fifty fire blaster from the MMO, City of Heroes. I would love to have super powers and live in a city that’s also filled with those like me, ever saving the city and the world from the villains.

My character can manipulate fire, including making it rain fire and wielding a fire sword and she can fly but I wouldn’t mind teleportation either as a travel power. Being my own super hero would be a nice character to be if I had the choice.

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