Thirty Days of PC Games (Day 2) X-Com: UFO Defense

Thirty days of PC games takes a look at the thirty PC games that either paved the way for better PC games, were revolutionary or simply fun to play. Each day, for thirty days, a different PC game (or series) will be featured.

This is not X-Com:

This is X-Com:

Now that we got that out of the way, X-Com: UFO Defense (which is also known as UFO: Enemy Unknown) was released in 1994 by Mythos Games and MicroProse Software. This is the first of the series and is said to be the best. UFO Defense is a strategy game with two different types of game play: Geoscape and Battlescape. In Geoscape mode, you control where all the bases are located, what to build in the bases, what to research, recruitment, training, UFO interception, and terror alerts. In Battlescape mode, you command your players to fight off the invading aliens in an isometric turn based brawl.

X-Com or Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, is a secret organization that the player is a part of to take care of the alien invasion that is currently happening around the planet. The story starts out in 1998 where reports of abduction and alien attacks are spreading.

The music and atmosphere of this game is creepy enough to play with the lights off and is available for play via Steam. Reviews and rankings for UFO Defense are still high, even to this day and have even gotten awards for being the best PC game of all time. If you’re looking for a challenging strategic game to play, X-Com UFO Defense is your game.

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