TheGameFanatics Podcast – Ep 15

  • Dameon

    Guys you can hardly hear the podcast!

    • Yeah, the quality kept messing up for some reason. But I tried to make it laugh as possible. I have use leveller because it was SO much static, but I will upload the back-up podcast if it permits it..

  • Jeffery Carlson

    I want to connect my ps3 to my computer so it appears on my monitor.
    My monitor only has a VGA port and is currently connected to my computers’ – Nvidia 9600 video card.
    I want to use my ps3 to connect to my video card’s HDMI slot, and then my monitor being connected to that same video card in my computer. Even if this decreases quality, is this viable?

  • Benihana

    I put a lot of podcasts on my iPod, but whenever I sync it, they get removed. That’s okay, but there is one that I want to keep, so how do I make it let me watch that one many times on my iPod without removing it, while removing the other ones?

  • Thomas A

    I want to start doing podcasts. Just about any random subject I feel like at the time. Does anyone know a free site thats easy to upload them to?