Walking Dead "A New Day" Free on the App Store For a Limited Time

Telltale Games is now offering the first episode of The Walking Dead game for free on the App Store.

Entitled “A New Day”, the horror-based adventure debut can be downloaded at no charge, but only for a limited time. The five-episode series was the victor of several Game of the Year awards in 2012, including Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, Wired.com, Yahoo! Games, Complex, Digital Trends, Games Radar, Cheat Code Central and Destructoid. It is currently listed as Walking Dead: The Game in the App Store and was released at the beginning of this year for  Xbox 360, PS3, Mac and PC.

Playing as main character Lee, a former convict, you embark on a journey joined by others who cross your path. The direction you take and the company you keep is dictated by the choices you make. The game will remember the nature of your decisions and lead you through forked paths as it progresses. After playing the first episode, if you haven’t already by now, you may just be hooked.

Fortunately, the remaining four episodes are also available in-app for $4.99, should you decide to purchase them individually. Buying Episodes two through five as a bundle in the Multi-Pack, however, will save you 25%.

To learn more about Walking Dead: The Game or get in on this offer, find out more here. In the meanwhile, check out the Richard Linklater-esque artwork from the game in the awesome screenshots from “A New Day” below.


Source: Telltale Games

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