The Last of Us Remastered Trailer Makes Me Giddy

I am a child. A big man-child. A trailer for the long rumored, leaked and then confirmed port of The Last of Us for the PS4 has finally dropped and I can’t wait.

The Last of Us, is a winner of countless awards –over 200 Game of the Year Awards as Sony likes to remind us– and I may finally become the evangelist that other lovers of the game have become.

I’ve played through The Last of Us and frankly I didn’t think that it was as gorgeous as people made it out to be. Yes, it had an amazing story, with stunning characters, but visually it didn’t hold up for me. It was the game that pushed me into the next-generation by realizing how truly old the PS3 had become.

Naughty Dog milked every drop of power from the PS3 and yet the best of the best that could on that console was no longer the best of the best in gaming. It was the kind of disappointing realization that you have when you realize your parents aren’t perfect and have their own flaws.

After the news of a PS4 version was leaked I was skeptical and had many conversation about how the conversion could be handled. Was it an upscaled version of the PS3 version? Was the original version built on PC architecture, ported to the PS3 and is now being brought to the PS4? I needed some answers.

Tomb Raider jumped so much in quality from the PS3 to PS4 versions only because of what the game was built on. Crystal Dynamics created Tomb Raider with the top version of it being played on a PC while Naughty Dog tailored The Last of Us for the PS3’s far less powerful Cell architecture. In other words, we may have gotten the exact same TLOU, without better textures, etc., in 1080p. Admittedly, I was a mess overanalyzing this.

But this…

…this makes me a believer. The clip, albeit brief, looks beautiful and makes me just as excited as when they first announced it.

The Remastered version has been confirmed for 1080p, they’re also shooting for 60fps, and it’s being handled by Naughty Dog themselves to enhance every visual aspect of the from (better textures, lighting, and so on). An incredible triple win. The PS4 version also comes loaded with all of the DLC and other bonuses, which, in my opinion, is worth the $60 purchase alone.

This is yet another brilliant move by Sony this generation. It not only fills a hole that a lack of exclusive titles has left, but The Last of Us was one of the biggest games from the last generation and many gamers have jumped onto Sony’s ship since then. This gives the newcomers the perfect opportunity to play one of the most critically acclaimed titles of all time and to really know what Sony gaming is all about.

the last of us remastered ps4

The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 is set for a Summer 2014 release, find more information on it here.

If you’re ready to jump in and buy it, you can already preorder it from Amazon.

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