The Hype Machine: Mortal Kombat

It’s been quite some time since a new Mortal Kombat video game has been released. After a few of the previous titles not living up to the expectation of MK fans, NetherRealm Studios, looks to impress with their upcoming video game. Mortal Kombat is looking to take its place on the throne for best fighting video game once again.


This years story mode looks to be more indepth than just fighting without any means. The setting of Mortal Kombat(2011) takes place after the events of Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Raiden, is about to be finished off by Shao Kahn ,but just before Shao Kahn can finish him Raiden sends a flashback to himself in a earlier period of time. As young Raiden,you will return to the time in which the three games Mortal Kombat I, II and III occurred to change the corrupted ways of the future. Due to a plot twist, some of the events that you have grown to know will be slightly altered.

Cyrax vs. Kung Lao

There are many new and familiar things that the Mortal Kombat team are bringing to the table with their new project. NetherRealm Studios are really trying to win backover its fanbase, by adding a lot of the things that made Mortal Kombat the game it is today. So, here are just a few features that will be included in the game. Fatalities are back an are more brutal than ever! X-Ray Moves, which are a savage attack that shows internal damage as you hit your opponent. Challenge Mode, which helps you learn combos and the mechanics to perform fatalities with your favorite characters; it also has up to 300 challenges for you to complete, while unlocking in-game goodies. Test your Might is back ,and now Mortal Kombat has a tag team mode similar to Marvel V. Capcom.  These are few of the many things to look forward to in the upcoming game.


Character Select Screen

After a hands on experience, I’d have to say Mortal Kombat is looking to be an extremely good game, I love everything about it. The gameplay is very smooth, the environments feel so alive, and the whole approach that the Mortal Kombat team are taking should leave you with a smile on your face. There were also some snippets of characters that many people wanted to see in the game, from Stryker, Kano, Goro, Baraka ,and even Kratos. It seems like NetherRealm Studios are catering more towards its hardcore fans. From just seeing and playing the demo, I’m very anxious to see what the full experience will bring. In my opinion, purchasing Mortal Kombat will be a Flawless Victory!

Mortal Kombat releases on April 19th, 2011 an will also have a collector’s edition which will feature a retro-ninja costume, Mortal Kombat inspired costumes to decorate your avatar on PSN/XBL, and more. Although Mortal Kombat isn’t completely availiable to the public yet,  we were able to get a sneak peek at the MK achievement/trophy list.

Who’s your favorite character and what would you like to see in MK9?

My favorite character, Reptile.
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