The Game Fanatics Staff: Matthew Gonzales-Landry

The Game Fanatics Staff

Contributor: Matthew Gonzales-Landry


Matthew is here to do two things: Write and game. He loves video games, and he loves writing even more. He’ll take any chance he can get to write and further his craft. Hopefully we’ll see his name on the New York Times bestsellers list before too long. Matt is an equal opportunity gamer. He’ll give any game a try, but it had better be polished and well done. Life’s too short to waste on unfinished games, especially when there’s so many good ones out there.

Simplicity is his most upheld virtue. If something ain’t simple, it’s probably too complex for most of anybody to care. Analogous to his passion for simplicity, Matthew is forever-infatuated with technology and music. He’s pieced together the ideal niche in his life that drives him to be the best. He’s anal about his work and shows it in fine, pinpoint detail. When drinking from the Fountain of Knowledge, he sips is ’til he feels it. He invites you to do the same.


Question 1. What was the first console that you played?

I grew up playing Nintendo. Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, the Nintendo classes. All those game with the really tight platforming. Then the first console I personally owned was an N64. Played that a bunch. Star Fox, Mario, Turok and Goldeneye. Lot of good games. Also played my dad’s Sega Genesis quite a bit growing up.


Question 2. What game would you most like to see a sequel to?

Turok. Without a doubt, Turok. I love the series, the whole feel and atmosphere. There hasn’t been a good Turok game in quite a while, and I’d love to get back into that world. Something with good graphics and a good AI. I want a game where it feels that you’re actively hunting the dinosaurs, trying to outsmart them. But yeah, more dinosaur hunting.


Question 3. Do you have goals that tie in with being apart of The Game Fanatics and/or the gaming community?

Just write. I love writing, and while I don’t foresee myself becoming a full-time journalist, any chance to write is good in my book. I do love video games, and it’s rather fun writing about games. But as a career, probably not. Would rather write the stories myself. But practice makes perfect, and any chance to write is great.


Question 4. When you’re not gaming, what are you doing?

Work, school or writing. School and work take up a lot of time. When I’m not at one of those places or gaming, I’m writing. I’d like to make it as a professional author, so I’ve got to keep writing. I’ll write pretty much anything, but fiction is my favorite. Been doing a lot of short stories lately. Just writing.


Question 5. Lastly, what are your favorite types of game to play?

I’ll play anything, as long as it’s polished. Shooters, RPGs, adventure.. But it needs to have a level of quality to it. If it feels unfinished, or more of a concept, I won’t play it. I’m a bit picky. That said, I find myself liking games that others dismiss due to bad controls. I can get past bad controls if the rest of the game is well done.



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