The Evil Within Coming in 2014

If you’re into eerily disturbing, asylum horror, then the trailer for Bethesda‘s newest horror game The Evil Within is sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  Check out the official teaser below:

It’s difficult to make any assumptions on what the game is actually about this early in time, but to me, this trailer seems like it’d be better suited for a movie than a game.  All I can tell you, is that I’m excited… really excited, since I love the horror genre and gore makes me squirm (in a good way, if that’s even possible).  Currently, no major details on The Evil Within have been revealed, but be sure to check out IGN’s First Look at the game for exclusive screenshots and in-depth discussion on this unique  survival horror experience.

“Survival horror has been drifting away from what makes it survival horror. And so I want to bring it back.” – Shinji Mikami

The Evil Within will be available for PC, Xbox, and PS3 sometime in 2014.

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