The DRIVER San Francisco Team Talk 'Shift'

Ever since DRIVER San Francisco was announced, it’s been drawing in a lot of interest.

Especially, as the 30th August release date creeps ever closer.

Revolving around the games main character, Detective John Tanner, the plot involves hunting down a notorious crime boss, using the massive array of cars, of course.

With over 120 licensed cars available to cruise San Francisco in, DRIVER is set to hugely appeal to fans of the whole driving genre. The most hyped concept that Ubisoft Reflections have been so eager to demonstrate, is the new ‘shift’ feature.

In the second episode of the developer diaries, the team discuss how the innovative ‘shift’ feature is integrated within the gameplay.

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The ‘shift’ feature (if crafted correctly for its intended purpose) will no doubt add a whole new dimension to the game, stopping it from becoming just another driving game. Seamlessly switching from car to car should be fun, and the way you can implement it into chases is interesting. All in all, it’ll be good to see how it works when DRIVER San Francisco is released.


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