The Division’s Latest Trailer Sees the Rebuilding of New York

The Division, Ubisoft,

With only two months until launch, Ubisoft’s latest trailer for The Division talks sacrifice, and a rebuilding of a city that once was.

“When you joined the Division, what were you expecting?” reads the trailer’s blurb. “I’m sure they told you about the sacrifices you’d have to make. But none of us could have ever predicted this.”

There’s no doubting that Ubisoft’s upcoming mid-crisis tactical shooter is intriguing in its presentation and premise. Set during a collapsed New York after a nasty pandemic following Black Friday, players will see themselves take on the role of various Division agents, tasked with eliminating hostile threats and rebuilding their precious city.

And the trailer does a fine job at showing off snippets of what’s to expect; a few instances of tactical cover and shooting within the desolate city, gadget fiddling to gain the upper hand in combat, and sweet weapon customization. There’s a big emphasis on cooperative action here too, with players able to join up with other Agents and tackle missions as a group.

The Division was first revealed at E3 2013 and we’ve been eagerly awaiting to see if it can truly live up to the hype. Come March 8th, it’ll be time to tell.

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