thatgamecompany’s Next Game Sky Coming To Apple Devices

During yesterday’s Apple Event, thatgamecompany, the indie developer behind 2012’s Sony exclusive Journey, among other successful titles, announced their newest project: Sky.

Surprisingly, as of writing this, Sky will be exclusive to Apple devices as its currently set for a release on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Given the company’s success with Sony’s platforms, I’m assuming it’s a timed exclusive.

This new project will also mark thatgamecompany’s debut on mobile devices in order to ease sharing the experience with loved ones after feedback from fans of Journey:

After the release of Journey, so many fans wrote to tell us how much they enjoyed playing the game with their spouse, children or loved ones, and asked if we could create a game where they could play together.

The developer didn’t detail the gameplay; only offering the teaser seen above. All we know at this point is that thatgamecompany wanted to created a game where it will leave a mark with the player; like visiting a theme park can leave lasting memories.

You can read the official announcement from thatgamecompany here.


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