TGF Press Start Week Ending November 27

Jen: I’ve been going through several games this past week. Its been a mix of Sonic Generations (great game), Saints Row the Third (freaking fun!), the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta (but I have issues with the video when I play on my laptop), Skyrim and Halo: Anniversary Edition. All fun games however Halo has been giving me trouble. It froze up on me and instead of loading up my newest save, it took me back about forty minutes. I ended up rage quitting.

Jasdeep: With all the ridiculous sales going on I managed to snag myself a cheap copy of Super Meat Boy on Steam. Thankfully, it’s just as ‘Super’ as the name implies. The combination of precise controls and short, but merciless, level design make it perfect for quick-hits of addictive fun. It’s just as easy to build momentum as it is to lose it, so you’re never coasting through on one emotion. It’s a master class in how to pace a platforming game. I’ve also been playing Zelda: A Link to the Past. I’m a man on the cutting edge, yo.

Charles: Been playing Need for Speed the run and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s everything you’d expect from a NFS with a variety of driving environments and scenarios thrown in. I love it, and the police banter is funny as hell! Oh I’ve also been playing Shadowgun on my new ASUS Transformer tablet, and the graphics are jizz worthy.

Jeff: A few of my friends and I were trying to play through at least three games this week. His work schedule, Thanksgiving, and football got in the way of that, but we at least played Goldeneye 007: Reloaded. I’m also replaying Metal Gear Solid 2 (in standard definition on a PS2), and I think I’m done with Arkham City, at least for a few months.

Chris C.: On the go, still carrying around my 3DS playing Super Mario 3D Land in what I’m considering to be platforming bliss. At home, got my hands on the brand new King of Fighters XIII, and while I’m the only person I know that has it, that hasn’t stopped me from having an absolute blast with this HD version of a very old-school 2D fighter.

John: I’ve barely had time to play video games, but when I do…I play Serious Sam 3: BFE. Stay Serious my friends…

Tavia: I’ve been playing Skyrim. But, I get caught up in conversations. I’ll do like one quest and mull around a town, then it’s about 3 hours later and I’ve not done much of anything…

Ben: I’ve been playing more Skyrim, of course, but I also picked up Skyward Sword last week. As a huge Zelda fan I have to say that it is pretty dang good. It’s easily the best Zelda since Wind Waker. The 1-1 sword fighting stuff that Nintendo loved to hype up, however, is worst part of the game because of how the remote follows your movement and doesn’t allow for quick wrap around attacks (that might only make sense if you’ve played it). Thankfully, most of the time in the game is spent solving interesting puzzles and not fighting.

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