Terry Crews is Getting into PC Gaming

Terry Crews

Actor and all around nice guy Terry Crews recently posted a video of himself on Facebook with a PC tower, excitedly he explains how he and his son are going to build it together. His excitement is infectious and begs the question why more people haven’t adopted an interest in gaming, PCs and consoles?

After getting deeply immersed in Overwatch on the PS4 I’ve wondered to myself should I get into PC gaming? Admittedly I’ve always been a console kind of guy, but with all the MOBA action and MOD talk lately I’m starting to cave; Terry Crews may have been the tipping point.

A lot of players who have yet to transfer over to PC are remiss to do so because of the keyboard controls, there is a learning curve involved and it’s certainly not the same as handling a controller. However if you want to play the game at its maximum efficiency, I’ll admit, you kind of need a mouse. Nothing can beat the accuracy of a point and click operation, which is why Widowmaker – or any sniper – is viable on PC and less so on console.

Terry Crews
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So Mr. Crews has the right idea in a lot of regards, he discusses getting into Uncharted 4 and Battlefield. He goes on to ask the viewers for advice as to what will make the best rig, people readily stepped up to give advice. Ultimately the point for both Terry Crews and I – which is not something I get to say often, so I’m gonna cherish this moment – is to immerse yourself in something new, especially when it comes to a constantly evolving medium like video games.

The end message Crews leaves us with is “Try” and in the game community that’s what it’s all about. It’ll be exciting to see Terry get deeper into this rabbit hole and he’s a great addition to the growing game ranks. So if you’re waiting for that push to buy that new PC and make that switch, this is your sign.

Do it, bud.

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