Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner Announces Departure from Company

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Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner has left the episodic game company after “aggressive growth.”  Former chief-executive Dan Connors will be taking over as Telltale CEO following Bruners departure. Dan Connors was the CEO of Telltale Games until 2015, at which point Kevin Bruner took over.

Stating “aggressive” expansion of Telltale as the official reasoning for Bruners departure. He will stay on the board of directors during the transition, but it’s unclear if Bruner will remain with Telltale moving forward. With  Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation just announced, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier only recently premiering, and the second season of Game of Thrones in development, having co-founder Dan Connors available to return to being the Telltale CEO is extremely fortunate for Telltale Games’ stability.

Telltale’s sudden acquisition of Guardians of the Galaxy shows that the company’s dramatic expansion. Gone are the days of the small indie developer creating wacky, and captivating comic book tales to fill up your time between AAA releases. It seems like we are set to have annual Telltale games for the foreseeable future and only time will tell if that’s a good thing.


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