Tekken Makes 3D Debut with Tekken 3D Prime Edition

  • Jason Chestnut

    This…is one of the reasons I have a 3DS.

  • Oswaldo

    I’m kinda looking forward to this, not so much since the Vita looks to be the handheld console for hardcore gamers now.

  • Amy Lemaster

    I feel they do. Initial of all in Soulcalibur 4 each Yoda (360) and Darth Vader (PS3) have been exclusive to each version. But then Namco releases them as downloadable, then I hear both characters had been on the reverse method they werent unique to on the disc. Why couldnt the two game titles be the same. Then there is there Katamari series. As A Substitute of going multiplat for them they make 1 game unique then make a new video game distinctive (instead of likely multiplat and making a lot more sales). But then there is their RPGs. Like Tales of Vesperia (great game). 1st of all Namco set it on the Xbox, then ported to the PS3. Its not a poor decision I do not think. What is negative for folks who acquired the Xbox version the PS3 version has far more content. They may possibly not even release the Vesperia port in the US. Not to mention Tales of Symphonia was ported to the PS2 in Japan only. The only RPG that received ported and released along with the original model is Eternal Sonata. The only game I am mindful of that acquired ported for their fighting video games but did not get exclusive content material was equally Soulcalibur (the very first one, it was on the Dreamcast but then acquired ported to Xbox Dwell Arcade) and Tekken 6 (was ported from PS3 to 360, its also coming to PSP). So What Do You Feel of Namco (Namco Bandai Games)? Do They Rip People/Consumers Off???
    I have never played their Katamari video games neither have I played Tekken. I have played Soulcalibur, this is about their history. Namco miracles why their game titles dont sell, but they look to not have a clue… I think they make some great games but still.
    Take a seem at Japan, Japan whined about Tales of Vesperia lead to they were forced to acquire a 360 just for that game. But then Namco made the decision to port it to PS3. Once once more this is not negative but they added exclusive material to it. I will give them the advantage of the doubt because Sony would not allow them just port it. Also I am not anxious about obtaining ripped off, simply because me and my brother share a 360 and my mother has a PS3. So I could acquire most Namco video games with distinctive content.

  • dubmecrazy3

    Hi I am looking for 3d modeling software able to achieve results like zbrush or 3dmax but easy enough for a 12 year old to use, I don’t care about cost at the moment just very curious what software is out there.


  • evil chevy

    Do you beleive in 10 years time every household will have a 3D TV and be a frequent 3D watcher?

    What do you think of 3D? do you think it’ll change the way we watch TV forever?

  • PolishPokeyPimp

    I have to make animals in 3D form. How can I achieve that?
    Using pictures and having it pop up won’t work.

  • veemodz

    Not looking to spend $150/pair on glasses. Don’t suppose I can hope the “free” glasses from the 3D movies @ the theater will work?

  • Lachlan

    I found that the colour red/cyan, red/green and green/blue.
    what i didn’t understand is why Nvidia 3D Vision glasses is gray colour.
    im planning to buy 3d glasses not nvidia 3d vision.
    but which colour should i buy?