Tales of Berseria Finally Gets a North American Release Date

Tales of Berseria

The Tales series has waited a while to bring its fans the latest installment of the franchise. Trailers for Tales of Berseria have promised a darker game than seen before and a female protagonist. Now the West finally knows when it will be playable in North America, with a whole box-set to boot.

Tales of Berseria has had a steady trickle of news since we’ve seen it last. All six characters (as is customary in a Tales game) have been shown and some Artes (skills) are being translated by fans from the Japanese version for the North American crowd to see. Berseria launched on August 18th in Japan so there are a ton of videos floating around YouTube right now to check out, but they’re going to contain a bevy of spoilers.

Tales of Berseria

The game will be available for North America on January 24, 2017 which may seem far away but no need to fret the Tales franchise has given a great box-set to make up for it! The box comes with chibi figures, 8-bit key chains, CDs with in-game music, trading cards, a strategy guide and a prequel novel included a called “A Witch’s Tales: A World Full of Daemons,” and it all gets packaged in a steel case. The box set comes with a price tag of $150 and will be available on both systems Tales of Berseria will be released on: PS4 and PC. The set is available for pre-order now, so if you really can’t wait, go ahead and get it. Then all that’s left is to cross off days until January 24th.


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