GameStop Powerpass

GameStop Announces Used Game Rental Program

GameStop is starting a new used game rental service in their stores.

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Microsoft Releases Xbox One Details

If there were any questions lingering about how owning games for the Xbox One would work, there shouldn’t be now.

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Xbox One, the Internet, and You

In wake of the Xbox One announcement many questions remained unanswered

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Sony Exec: PlayStation 4 Will Not Block Used Games

A Sony executive has gone on record to say that the PlayStation 4 will, despite rumors, NOT block used games.

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Used Games Could be Useless on the Next Xbox

Rumor has it that the next-gen Xbox will render used games useless. Plus, rumors about the specs are very accurate.

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Next PlayStation Could Block Used Games

A patent filed by Sony could mean the next version of the PlayStation would be able to block pre-owned games without the need for an …

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Video Games – A Changing Industry…For the Worse?

Over the last 40 years, video games have gone from blips on a screen to experiences that rival some of Hollywood’s best offerings; From a …

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Sell a Used Game and Win a New One Every Month Next Year [Contest]

Win a new video game each month for all 2012. That’s 12 brand new games delivered right to your door throughout the year. Courtesy of

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PSA: DCU Is A One Time Use After Activation Code Is Used

In my neck of the woods, more and more people are trying to unload their copy of DC Universe either online (Kijiji, Craigslist, etc) or …

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