PAX Prime 2012 | Busting Out With An E-Sports FPS – Rekoil First Impressions

E-Sports is serious business. It’s not the next big thing, it’s already THE big thing. With sites like Twitch.TV leading the charge, more developers are …

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Three Days of Streaming – Just Cause 2 – 8PM EST

The above picture sums up Just Cause 2 pretty well.  Explosions.  Imagine Grand Theft Auto meets James Bond meets an evil pyrotechnic.  

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Three Days of Streaming – War of the Roses – 8pm EST

The Game Fanatics continues Three Days of Streaming on Day 2 with Paradox Interactive’s upcoming War of the Roses, a third-person medieval brawler with some awesome finishing moves. Seriously. …

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Game Night – July 14, 2012 – EVE Online – 6pm EST

Ok, it’s late notice, I know. I’ve been busy! But I’ll be streaming EVE Online this Saturday, the 14th of July at 6pm EST on …

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E3 2012 | The Showdown Effect Uses Built-In TwitchTV Integration

Paradox Interactive‘s latest title, The Showdown Effect, plans to blaze a new path in Esports and gaming spectatorship with built in integration to TwitchTV right from …

Read More → Deploys E3 2012 Titles and Presence has announced that they will be attending E3 this year. They will be there for the length of E3 2012, being June 5th to …

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TERA Online Live Stream

TERA Online, the upcoming PC MMORPG that is due out today! Go pick it up! Or, if you can’t, watch us play it!

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