New Tribes: Ascend Update Breaks out the Heavy Artillery

Tribes: Ascend is a game that’s managed to hook a few people here at the TheGameFanatics offices, to the point that’s all we play when …

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Ghost Recon Online Returns On June 18th

After what seemed like forever Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon Online shall be coming back online again, for what appears to be the final …

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Tribes: Ascend | Stayin' Alive Update

Tribes: Ascend continues its path of destruction with its most recent update, titled “Staying Alive” (because of the Brute’s “disco-loving nature”) that focuses on the …

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Tribes: Ascend Hits The Competitive Gaming Scene

Hi-Rez only released Tribes: Ascend a few weeks ago, but they’re already confident enough in their playerbase, game balance, and the fan’s desire for competitive …

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Tribes: Ascend Beta Coming Soon!

Hi-Rez Studios are about to begin selecting players for the closed beta of Tribes: Ascend. It seems this will be a very selective process, so …

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New Firefall demo at PAX Prime and Gamescom, what is Firefall?

Red 5 Studios has taken it’s time in revealing what Firefall is about. With big names like Mark Kern, Scott Youngblood and even Orson Scott …

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