Tony Stark


New Iron Man 3 Trailer Revealed

New Iron Man 3 Trailer Revealed Today. Check it out here at The Game Fanatics.

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The First Official Iron Man 3 Trailer is Beyond Incredible; Watch it Now!

Well, it’s finally here Marvelites, the official Iron Man 3 trailer, and it is simply badass; take a gander at it after the break.

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First Snapshot from the Iron Man 3 Set

Hot off the heals of the new Avengers film, which is still breaking movie records, comes Iron Man 3. In this picture from the movie set you can see Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. checking out his collection of suits.

The playboy billionaire, Tony Stark stands in his laboratory with the many Iron Man concept suits in the vicinity. All the way to the left side is War Machine’s suit. Iron Man 3 is scheduled to released in theaters on May 3, 2013. All those Iron Man and Marvel fans can’t wait for more information, screen shots and teasers of the upcoming film. Stay tuned to The Game Fanatics for more news and updates on Iron Man 3.

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Marvel and Disney Looking to Bring Iron Man to Chinese Market by Having it Co-Produced in China

With the success of the Iron Man franchise, Marvel and Disney are looking to expand to bigger audiences. And where else would you get a bigger …

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