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Tom Hardy Starring in R-Rated Venom Film

Tom Hardy has been cast in the lead role for a Venom movie, with the director of Zombieland at the helm!

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Ubisoft Partners with New Regency for Splinter Cell Movie

Film studio New Regency and Ubisoft announced today that they have partnered in producing the of  a possible Splinted Cell movie, based on the popular …

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Macken Movie Update: Comic-con Movie Speculation

COMIC-KAHN!!!!!!!!!! Comic-con. The Goliath of Conventions which unites Comic book, Game and Movie fanatics under one roof and pumps out a slurry of sneak peeks …

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Macken Movie Update – Dark Knight Rises: First look at Bane

World…Say ‘hello’ to Bane Hardly one week into shooting has began for Christopher Nolan’s final Bat-tastic adventure, and the ol’ guy just cant help himself. …

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Macken Movie Update – Warrior

We all know that Tom Hardy can Bulk up quick, just look at his role in Bronson and you can see why he was picked …

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Macken Movie Update – Dark Knight Rises

You’d have to have the intuition of Batman himself, the worlds greatest detective to get any information of the third bat line up before the …

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