The Legend of Zelda


Nintendo Announces New 3DS Bundles Set To Arrive on Thanksgiving Day

If your one of the many who have sill not picked up a 3DS Nintendo wants to encourage you to get of your butt, and …

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Aonuma: "We Are Already Preparing A New (Zelda) Game"

The Legend of Zelda series means a lot of things to a lot of people. Particularly, it means a lot to the people who make …

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Nintendo Aren't All That Bad

Okay, you might think that Nintendo is simply a company that exists to service the ever growing market of the casual gamers who are sucking …

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Good Wii Games

George Marriott flails around to show the gold in the Wii.

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Nintendo 3DS Priced and Dated

It was announced at an event in Tokyo that Japan will be able to get a hold of the 3DS on February 26, 2011 for …

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