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Fanatic Spotlight: The Cult

In our very first Fanatic Spotlight, we take a look at The Cult. A single-player board game where you deal with zombies and a crazy cult.

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The Evil Within 2 Review | Splintered Mind

The Evil Within 2 is a notable improvement over the original. But creativity and personal expression can only hide so much.

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Visage, a Spiritual Successor of P.T., Gets a Delay

The Kickstarter-backed survival horror game Visage is still aiming for 2017, but it won’t arrive before summer.

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First 5 Minutes Of Outlast 2 Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Outlast 2 footage has been released from PAX East and involves lots of cornfields. Oh, and also terrifying people chasing you down in pitch black darkness, but that’s a side-note.

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friday the 13th

Live Out a Summer Camp Nightmare With Friday The 13th: The Game

Have you always wanted the camp counselor experience but were worried that the woods would be boring and you’d hate the kids? Thanks to game developers at Gun. Studios you may not even survive the night, let alone the summer. Cause Jason Voorhees is back and looking to stalk some teens.

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Frictional Games’ SOMA Gets Haunting New Trailer

The creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent return with a different kind of descent with SOMA in this new trailer.

Utilize block quotes for long quotations.

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Outlast Review | For the Criminally Insane

Outlast challenges you to stay alive, record as much as you can and expose the truth at the heart of the story.

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The Evil Within Preview | Putting the Survival Back Into Survival Horror

The survival horror genre should be all about survival. After all, it is the first word in the genre. But developers have recently forgone that in …

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4A Releases New Trailer for Metro Last Light

Developer 4A Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming first person shooter, Metro Last Light.

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New Outlast Trailer Won't Let You Sleep At Night

Done trick or treating? Good, because Halloween isn’t over yet. Scare your face off with this new trailer for Outlast, the new survival horror game …

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ZombiU Trailer Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the Zombie Apocalypse

Since it’s debut at E3, ZombiU has been teased as the  zombie experience you have never played before. With its revolutionary control system and unique …

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Alien Breed Infects The iOS App Store

Team 17 has announced their latest mobile game is finished and has been approved for release on Apple’s App Store. 

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New Resident Evil 6 Footage Surfaces

Excitement overwhelmed me seeing Capcom return the Resident Evil franchise back to its traditional survival horror roots. But after watching the gameplay footage below, it …

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