Supergiant Games


Bastion, Transistor Developer Unveils New Game, Pyre

Today, Supergiant Games, developing studio behind Bastion and Transistor announced their third title called Pyre.

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Transistor Review | The Empty Set

2014 has been an amazing year for indie games, with titles like Shovel Knight, Nidhogg, Guacamelee,  and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter showing indie games …

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E3 | Transistor is More of the SuperGiant Same… Intriguing and Awesome

The second game by the now well-known SuperGiant Games, Transistor looks amazing. The first question that many people have however, are how similar it will …

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Supergiant Games Reveals Transistor

Today, Supergiant Games announced a new game they’ve been working on, a science-fiction themed action RPG known as Transistor.

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