Super Mario


Thirty Days of Video Games Day Thirty – The One Game Everyone Should Play

There’s a few games out there that I would recommend that everyone plays but it will be the same games that I’ve talked about during …

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Eight – Best Soundtrack

Picking the best soundtrack is one of the hardest things to do for this project. There are tracks from almost every video game that I …

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day One – Very First Video Game

I’ve been using Tumblr more and more recently and one of the things that I came across are the “30 Days” of something, be it …

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New Super Mario Bros. 3DS Announced

It’s not a huge surprise that a Mario game will be announced for the new 3D hand held system from Nintendo, the 3DS, but more …

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Good Wii Games

George Marriott flails around to show the gold in the Wii.

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