Watch: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Interview | Suda-san Swag

Travis Touchdown wants to be left alone, but every time he tries to go the game keeps pulling him back in. This time quite literally.

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The Silver Case HD Now Available on PS4

The Silver Case was great in 1999, came to PC in 2016, now it’s available on the PlayStation 4 from the creative Suda51.

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Expand Your Horizons With The LET IT DIE Soundtrack: An Interview With The Composer

Akira Yamaoka is a master of horror composition. His legacy was forged with his work on the Silent Hill series, mastering sound design and atmosphere …

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Suda51’s Let It Die Gets a Gallery of Gory Screenshots

New screenshots have dropped for Suda51’s new free-to-play title, Let It Die. Consider our fancies tickled.

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Suck on this New Lollipop Chainsaw Character

From the crazy brilliant mind of Suda51 comes Lollipop Chainsaw and now we have a new character to be confused about. Introducing Swan, your typical …

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