Steam Machine


The Game Fanatics Asks: Which Platform Should You Be Gaming on in 2016?

2016 is well underway, and it’s shaping up to a phenomenal year for gaming. As consumers, we’re reaping the rewards of a free market – …

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Valve to Launch Steam Sections in Physical Retailers

In a move that probably signals the death of all mankind, Valve announced today that select retailers will be starting Steam Sections this fall for upcoming hardware releases.

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CES 2014 | Our Hands on With The Steam Machine

One of the first things we did after we touched down in Las Vegas was head to Valve’s press event where they were unveiling the …

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CES 2014 | Valve Confirms Steam Machine Lineup, Prices

As we told you earlier today, Valve has confirmed over a dozen official partners to make their Steam Machine console/PC hybrid gaming machines.

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Digital Storm Announces New Steam Machine for CES

Digital Storm announced that they too will be entering the arms race of building a Steam Machine designed specifically to work with SteamOS, and their idea of gaming …

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Steam's Steam Machine PC Specifications Revealed

In a recent post to the Steam community, hardware designer Greg Coomer or better known by his SteamID Gregori, lead hardware designer for the Steam …

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Steam Machine: Valve’s New Home Hardware

Just a few days ago, Valve announced their Steam OS, a software that would take the Steam experience to the living room. Now they’ve revealed …

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