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Gamification in the Professional Field — An Interview With Aaron Alexander

Within recent history, Gamification has been gaining stride in popularity and usage across almost everything we know or use. Websites and mobile apps are a great example of things that use Gamification techniques to promote user engagement.

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Gamification and Professional Networking — Identified Raises $21 Million in Series B Funding

If you’re new to the idea of gamification, essentially, all it’s doing is taking processes and ideas used to develop games and implementing them into …

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I Met Them on the Internet, We Stayed at a Motel 6 by the Highway

Can you really be friends with people you meet off the internet? Tavia tackles this question as she gives a run down of the Game Fanatics first PAX experience as a huge group.

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Android Live Wallpaper for Social Media Fanatics

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably pretty awesome. You probably also  have an awesome Android phone and devote a significant amount of its …

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The Google+ Project: Competition for Facebook?

Could this be Facebook’s newest competitor? Introducing Google’s newest project: Google+ one of the newest social media networking site soon to be used by every …

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BBM coming to iPhone and Android?

There have been some rumors that RIM was planning to take their Blackberry Messenger (BBM) app beyond the reaches of mere Blackberries and into the …

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