Shigeru Miyamoto


Why Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Coming To Wii U and NX | E3 2016

IGN has taken it upon themselves to ask the executive producer (Shigeru Miyamoto) and series producer (Eiji Aonuma) of Zelda: Breath of the Wild why the game is going to be released on both the Wii U and the NX.

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star fox zero

New Star Fox Zero Trailer Demands You Do A Barrel Roll

Nintendo has released a new Star Fox Zero trailer and it looks fantastic.

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Pokémon: A Game, Culture and Movement

Pokemon has transcended the digital and media realm to become a tangible entity that people cherish. From the games, trading cards, anime and now its very own day…we all live in a Pokémon world.

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E3 2014 | Secret Projects Rumored, Star Fox Coming To Wii U

Time Magazine has reported that Shigeru Miyamoto has announced they are working on bringing Star Fox to the Wii U.

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E3 2012 | Nintendo Wastes No Time Announcing Pikmin 3

Nintendo came running out of the gate at their E3 2012 press conference with an intro video showing Shigeru Miyamoto being followed by some pikmin. Just …

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UPDATE: Shigeru Miyamoto "Retiring"

Nintendo is a company built completely off of making fun, family-friendly experiences. Before that, however, they made simple playing cards and novelty toys. One man’s …

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New Super Mario Bros. 3DS Announced

It’s not a huge surprise that a Mario game will be announced for the new 3D hand held system from Nintendo, the 3DS, but more …

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