No Shame November: What really happened

Alright No Shame November, time to get a few things off my chest. We’ve all had those moments in games that we’re not too proud …

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No Shame November: Why trophies make you do bad things

Trophies are horrible. Before this generation, simply finishing a game was achievement enough. Today however, gamers seem to be placing more and more of an …

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No Shame November — Tiger Knows Best

                  This month we are featuring dirty little secret confessions from our staff here at The Game …

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No Shame November: Hardening my Metapod

Well, November is upon us, and we here at The Game Fanatics would like to celebrate by revealing to our readers our deepest and darkest …

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Go buy yourself something nice!

Fun, kitsch, obscure, awesome. Products based on video games that don’t try too hard or appeal to the hipster masses. Everyone (even your mom) knows …

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