E3 2014 | 5 Sequels TGF Wants To See

The Electronics Entertainment Expo is just under a week away and that means we’re in store for an onslaught of video game action. With the next generation of gaming officially …

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Resident Evil: Revelations Getting a Console Release

Resident Evil: Revelations originally released on the 3DS handheld last year, but recent information shows that it’s making its way toward consoles in the near …

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5 Things A Good Sequel Should Do

Sequels. Some like them, and some hate them. However, there are things that the developers can do. In fact, I think there are about five …

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Macken Movie Update – Rise of the Planet of the Apes: New trailer

You know the saying, “Human see, human do.” The Prequel to end all Sequels is dragging its knuckles towards a release, and a slower paced …

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DJ Hero 2 Announced for a Fall Release, Free DLC Released

Activision has announced that the sequel to their newest buy-an-expensive-plastic-peripheral franchise will be released this fall. DJ Hero 2 will feature over 90 different artists …

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