Rainbow Six: Siege


6 Games We’re Excited to See More of At Ubisoft’s Digital Conference

From Rainbow Six: Quarantine to Beyond Good and Evil 2. here are the Ubisoft titles we’re excited to see more of at their upcoming digital conference.

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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is Deploying Plenty of New Features in Year 2

In their latest dev diary, Ubisoft Montreal goes into all the new features and improvements that will take Rainbow Six Siege through season 2.

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Skull Rain

Rainbow Six Siege: Skull Rain DLC Launches Today

This new trailer for the Rainbow Six Siege: Skull Rain DLC showcases several of the exciting new features that it will bring to the game.

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Why I’m Addicted to Rainbow Six: Siege

With only one life per round, destructible environments, multi-layered maps, and a plethora of gadgetry that makes no two rounds the same, Rainbow Six: Siege offers a tense and unparalleled experience.

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Should We be Excited About Increased Diversity in Video Game Ads?

Many people discuss the lack of women represented in video games outside of stereotypes. Sometimes the lack of diversity in race and ethnicity is overlooked too.

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Watch Idris Elba In “Siege The Day” Live Action Rainbow Six Siege Trailer

Ubisoft‘s Rainbow Six Siege is barreling full force towards its December 1st release date by releasing a series of live action trailers starring Idris Elba. …

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rainbow six seige

Rainbow Six: Siege Du Hast A New Trailer

In the latest trailer from a series of intros for the teams of Rainbow Six: Siege you can catch an introduction to the German GSG 9 Unit.

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Rainbow Six: Siege Release Date Gets Pushed Back

The Rainbow Six Siege Release date will be pushed back to December 1st, 2015.

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Rainbow Six: Siege "Tools of Attack" Video Trains Our Tactical Minds

Ubisoft has released a short, informative video covering the tactical gadgets and strategies that will be used in Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming first-person shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. 

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