New Intel and AMD Partnership Shakes Up PC Gaming

Intel and AMD are partnering up to deliver a new processor.

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Origin PC Enhances Their EON Series Laptop

Origin PC has become the poster child for building truly customizable gaming machines in just a couple of years, and they’re aiming to keep that place with today’s …

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Replace Your Gaming Desktop With The World's Most Powerful Laptop

Origin PC  over the last few months have been cranking out monster gaming machine after monster gaming machine. And today they’ve announced a brand new …

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TeamF1 Announces it will Support Cavium OCTEON III Multicore MIPS64 Processor Family

TeamF1 has announced they they will support Cavium’s OCTEON III processor family with their networking and security software. The OCTEON family processors can contain up …

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LSI Completes Acquisition of SandForce, Inc.

LSI Corporation today announced that it has completed the purchase of SandForce, Inc., the leading provider of flash storage processors for enterprise and client flash …

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San Diego Chargers Stadium Gets Renamed to Snapdragon Stadium

That’s right everyone, the San Diego Chargers stadium will be undergoing a name change, but not a permanent one. Popular mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm, managed …

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Noctua presents NH-D14 special edition for LGA2011

Noctua today presented a new special edition of its award-winning NH-D14 cooler for the upcoming Intel LGA2011 X79 platform. Having received more than 250 awards …

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Cooler Master Announces Hyper 412 PWM Cooling Unrestricted

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer brings a new CPU cooler to light, the powerful Hyper PWM CPU Cooler, …

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Its Finally Here! AMD's Bulldozer 8-core Processor

AMD today unleashed the AMD FX family of CPUs, delivering a fully unlocked and customizable experience for desktop PC users. The AMD FX series of …

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Intel Showcases Self Branded Liquid CPU Cooler

It looks like AMD wont be the only ones this year bundling liquid cooling units with their new CPU’s. Today over at Intel Developer Forum …

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Intel Cutting the Price of Nine Sandy Bridge Processors

Coming this fall Intel plans a series of price cuts covering its entire second generation of Core processors, including the Sandy Bridge platforms. Across the …

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AMD’s Korona Desktop Platform fused with Northbridge

AMD’s next generation high-end desktop platform named ‘Korona’ will fuse the processor silicon with the Northbridge entirely. Currently the ‘Scorpius’ platform which is on its …

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Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E Detailed

Details of Intel’s new line of Sandy Bridge-E models have surfaced, with the Core I7 processors being packaged in the LGA2011 Models. Some details we’re …

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