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PGS Lab’s Portable Console Puts PC Gaming Into Your Pocket

As a PC gamer, have you ever yearned to be freed from the shackles of your desktop, to be able to venture out into the world without the heavy weight of a 15 lb. laptop on your back?

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Toshiba Debuts Four New Smart Blu-ray Disc Players

Toshiba recently showed off at CES: 2012 some brand new Blu-Ray Players that featured some stunning technology. This lineup of Smart Blu-ray Disc™ players, featuring …

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Sennheiser Upgrades its HD 200 and HD 400 Headphone Line

Audio specialist Sennheiser announced the introduction of its stylish new HD 200 and HD 400 series headphones. The line includes six new models: the HD 219, HD …

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PlayStation Phone? More like PlayStation Suite on Android

At last, we got the PlayStation phone announcement we’ve long been expecting, and… it’s a distribution initiative!? Apparently so: it’s called PlayStation Suite, and it’s …

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