Civ V to have a demo before launch

Straight from Examiner, Firaxis and 2K Games, the people behind Civilization V, will be releasing a demo of the game before it’s set to launch. …

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Street Fighter X Tekken

With Marvel vs Capcom 3 set to be released, no one would think that we would see another versus title anytime soon. That theory has …

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Times 2010 Top Influential List released. PAX guys above politics

Well most gamers don’t read the Times magazine but they have just released their list for 2010 Most Influential people. Too everyone’s surprise (and there …

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EGM Now launches with … digitized final issue of old EGM?

We’ve been hearing about Steve Harris’s digital version of the soon-to-be relaunched EGM for quite some time now, and we’re just one month away from …

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