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Tekken 7 Release Date Announced With New Trailer

Tekken 7’s release date has been announced, alongside a power-packed trailer. Watch it now!

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New York Comic Con| 6 Games To Check Out Before Release

New York Comic Con isn’t exactly known for its video game coverage, but that doesn’t mean big name companies like Namco and Capcom don’t join …

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Tales of Xillia Arrives August 6th with a Collector's Edition

Good news for fans of the Tales series! Namco Bandai, the publisher responsible for bringing Tales of Xillia to the US, has announced that the …

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Project X Zone Makes the Leap to North America

Today, January 21, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced a North and Latin America release of a game under the working title Project X Zone,coming …

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New Thundercats Trailer and Screenshots, Hoo!

With the release of Namco Bandai’s Thundercats coming fast to the Nintendo DS (10/30/12), I’ve got a brand new trailer to share with everyone as well as some new screenshots …

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Gamescom 2012 | Star Trek Video & Screenshots

Based off of the 2009 Star Trek movie from J. J. Abrams, comes the video game based within the same universe, not to be mistaken …

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Gamescom 2012 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Screenshots and Trailer

In the beginning gamers worldwide enjoyed being beaten, broken, and dismembered solely on their gaming consoles. But in a few weeks gamers worldwide will be beaten, …

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Ni No Kuni will be Released in the US on PS3 this Winter

Earlier this week, Namco Bandai Games America Inc. announced in a press release that the upcoming PS3 exclusive, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, …

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Tekken Makes 3D Debut with Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Ready to bring the King of the Iron First Tournament into 3D? NAMCO BANDAI sure thinks you are, as they’ve shipped out Tekken 3D Prime …

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MadCatz announces Soul Calibur V FightStick

If you are someone the prefers the feeling of mashing on arcade style buttons as opposed to pressing on an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 …

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Two New Tales of Games Announced at TGS

Namco-Bandai has announced two new Tales of games at TGS this week. First there’s Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave for the PSP.  The site …

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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Plane Bombardment

Look in the sky! It’s a bird, its super man, NO! It’s millions of plane’s, millions and millions of planes. Namco Bandai and Project Aces …

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Moto GP Studio Cuts Staff

With the recent announcement that MotoGP will be returning with a new game in March of 2011, it comes as a surprise that the UK …

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