Watch: Cuphead Unveils a New Dazing Gameplay Trailer | PAX West

Studio MDHR has showcased once again the original art style and gameplay mechanics of Cuphead, their latest retro adventure.

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Microsoft Mixed Reality

Microsoft Partners with SteamVR for New Mixed Reality Headsets

Microsoft has been teasing it’s VR headsets for a while, promising a range of Mixed Reality headsets that would be affordable for the casual user. …

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Xbox One

XBox One Brings New Features in Latest Update

The latest Xbox One update has arrived with custom Gamerpics, co-streaming and more.

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Xbox One X 4K machine

Xbox One X Downloads 4K Patches By Default

The Xbox One X is requiring some major 4K patches regardless if you own a 4K TV.

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Xbox One X standard edition

The Pacing of Microsoft’s E3 2017 Conference Was On Point | E3 2017

Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference showcased 42 games on their stage with brevity, respect for developers, and considerable variety.

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Xbox One X

Xbox One X’s Comfort In Being Second To PC | E3 2017

Microsoft’s Xbox One X announcement displayed less of a race to compete with PCs and more an attempt to be the best console.

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Gains Sea Legs in Demo, Delayed to 2018 | E3 2017

Sea of Thieves, which has been pushed back multiple times before, has been delayed until 2018 following a nine-minute gameplay demonstration.

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All Trailers and Reveals from Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference | E3 2017

All the announcements and trailers from Microsoft’s Xbox One X conference at E3 2017! Anthem, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Sea of Thieves, Metro Exodus, and more!

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5 All Around E3 Predictions | E3 2017

Here are five big predictions for what we may have in store at E3 2017. What will Microsoft focus on? Will Sony abandon VR?

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Milo Kinect Project Natal Crazy E3 Gimmick

Five Crazy E3 Gimmicks (That Totally Didn’t Work) | Fanatical Five

E3 is a magical time of the year where game announcements, demonstrations, and insanely intricate booths collide for an entertaining and revealing hand-full of days. …

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E3 2017 | What I'm Looking For From Microsoft

What I’m Looking For From Microsoft | E3 2017

It’s already E3 2017 time! What does Microsoft need to do to keep up with its competitors already having a big year?

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Five Crazy E3 Gimmicks (That Totally Worked) | Fanatical Five

With E3 2017 just around the corner, here is The Game Fanatic’s list of 5 crazy E3 gimmicks that totally worked.

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All The Games Confirmed For E3 2017 So Far

The big show is almost upon us but what games are sure to be there? Check out the full confirmed list.

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