Antlion Modmic Wireless

Modmic Wireless Review – Big Power, Small Package

If you have a set of headphones but you’re not satisfied with the microphone, Antlion Audio has just what you need. They have created the …

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Turtle Beach's Stream Mic

Turtle Beach’s Stream Mic Announces Itself

Turtle Beach’s Stream Mic a first of its kind, live streaming desktop microphone for consoles. The Stream Mic works with PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac via USB plug and play.

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Blue Microphones’ Raspberry Aims To Make Recording Compact

Blue Microphones’ name has become synonymous with audio recording in recent years. With the rise of home audio recording, podcasting, and streaming the company has …

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Razer Targets Streamers With Razer Seiren Microphone

Computer gamers know Razer for their gaming peripherals, mice, headsets, speakers, and now microphones for streamers with the Razer Seiren.

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Zoom H2N: The Powerful Portable Mid-Size Recorder

If you’re in the market for a portable recording device, the Zoom H2N is definitely something you would want to take a look at. The device features not …

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IOGEAR Audio Adapter Brings DTS Surround Sound to Stereo Headphones

IOGEAR has done something truly amazing today by offering surround sound to stereo headphones through a small audio adapter.  A lot of people spend hundreds …

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Def Jam Rapstar adds Kinect and Drops Price

Publisher Konami announced that the MSRP has dropped to $39.99 for the standalone game; a quick look at Amazon shows that the microphone bundle has an …

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